SEO Reasons For Using a Framework

Ben Pine writes:

  1. Stop Relying on Developers and Designers I remember when I was working in an SEO firm a few years ago, and got frustrated because I had to wait for the developers or the designers to implement my suggestions. This sometimes meant the entire month went by and I could not show the client any substantial improvement I have made, only suggestions.Page builders allow you to make any change yourself, and not have to deal with coding. This cuts the middleman, and so the SEO professional can focus on his job and not deal with learning coding or Photoshop skills.
  1. Create More Visual and Engaging Pages Gone are the days where simple text pages got high ranking on Google. Nowadays, to stay ahead in the Google search results, as well as to keep visitors engaged on your site, you have to make it visually appealing. You have to incorporate images, videos, and other visual content, as well as align the page in a creative layout. There is no better way to do this than to use a frontend drag and drop page builder.
  1. Making Pages More Dynamic Contact forms, animated elements, carousels. The more the visitor is engaged and interactive on your page, the more likely he is to stay longer, complete a conversion, and have a positive experience on your site. Using drag and drop widgets available on page builders make this job easy.
  1. Optimize for Conversions With page conversion optimization, sometimes what makes a page convert better could be as simple as a button color change. With page builders, you can make such changes at a click of a button, without getting into code.
  1. Let the Client Control the Website A lot of times; SEO professionals are also in charge of being webmasters for their clients and manage their websites. Page builders are intuitive enough so even the most non-technical site owners can learn how to use them. Instead of harassing the SEO guy to make a change in a certain page, they just do the change on their own. It’s important to offer them this skill, even if it’s just for emergencies.
  1. Not Rely on One Theme Fashion and trends always keep changing. Just think of how websites looked like ten years ago. Page builders lower the reliance on the theme and make sure the content stays beautiful, without the need for further customization and styling, even if you switch to a new theme altogether.
  1. Less Plugins The more plugins you have, the worse it is for SEO. Each plugin adds calls to the server and makes the site slower. Page builders can make redundant plugins like Sliders, button creators; Google Maps embeds and many others. In fact, almost every widget that is included in our page builder (27 widgets and rising), is a save in a plugin that would do the same function.
  1. Much Easier to Manage the Site As noted on point 4, SEO freelancers serve a lot of the times as the site managers. With page builders, the job of changing and updating the various site pages becomes much easier, without having to code.
  1. Create Many Landing Pages as Well as New Pages Today we need to create a lot more pages on our website than before. New services and products, new landing pages for a campaign on a different ad platform. Because the competition online has risen so much, so has our need to create new dynamic and designed pages. This is a crucial service that is required from the SEO professional and is vastly improved through the use of page builders.
  1. Yoast SEO Plugin Support This awesome plugin that has my personal favorite feature of analyzing what changes are needed for the page content works with full compatibility with the Elementor, page builder.

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