Pin Those Apps!

See that taskbar at the bottom of the screen? In Windows 7, you can pin any application, website, file or folder you use a lot, so you can easily click to open it — regardless of what program you might be in. That is, if you use the calculator a lot, simply right mouse click on the app and choose “Pin to Taskbar” and move it wherever you like. This is much faster than clicking on the Start button, selecting All Programs, then Accessories and finally Calculator. For files, such as a Word or PDF document, simply drag to the taskbar and let go. If you have a lot of pins on your taskbar, you can press the Windows key (beside Alt) and a number (e.g. 1 or 2) and the corresponding app will launch from your taskbar.

Jump around
Speaking of those pinned apps on your taskbar, Windows 7 can take advantage of “jumplists” by simply right mouse-clicking on the pinned app and selecting from one of the options. For example, if Internet Explorer is one of your pinned apps, right click to select your most visited websites. Not all pinned apps offer jumplists, of course, but those that do let you get more done in less time. Experiment to see what’s available.


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