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The Marine Weather Center offers custom multimedia forecasts.
The Marine Weather Center offers custom multimedia forecasts.

I have known Dewey for over 20 years, so Internet Adept was a natural place to turn when I launched my weather forecasting business and needed a professional website.

My project was challenging in several respects: I needed a logo, an attractive web site and a complex back-end to manage subscriptions for a pre-existing (and disorganized) database.  But I was not sure exactly what I needed, so the scope and details of the project evolved.

Throughout the project, Dewey was responsive and helpful.  Dewey coordinating every aspect, and effectively liaised between the specialized sub-contracters and me.

Each day I receive compliments on my website from both clients and prospective clients.  The website has not only helped grow my business but also handles back-office duties, freeing me to focus on serving clients.

Thanks Dewey!

Chris Parker, Chief Meteorologist

Chris Parker’s Marine Weather Service provides custom forecasts for hundreds of yacht captains. His new site collects extensive details and billing information from customers, automatically processes subscriptions and provides a handy dashboard with a  to-do list and client details. A dedicated server facilitates  mailing lists and security.


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