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knopik1-e1415379923618I have worked with Mr. Davis-Thompson for several years. He has ably handled a number of information technology tasks related to the design, functionality, and maintenance of our law firm’s website. In addition, Mr. Davis-Thompson and his company have handled similar tasks for a non-profit organization with which I am involved, the Warrick Dunn Family Foundation. Consequently I have had many opportunities to work with Dewey.

Mr. Davis-Thompson and his company uniformly provide the highest level and quality of service to our law firm and to the Warrick Dunn Family Foundation. He is exceptionally skilled within his field and, unlike many who have excelled in a field or endeavor, he remains incredibly responsive to our every need. Phone calls and emails to Dewey are immediately returned and problems are promptly solved.  Additionally, Dewey is an entirely pleasant person who is easy to work with. In sum, I highly recommend Mr. Davis-Thompson and his company.

Chris Knopic
Knopic, Varner & Moore



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