"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

"Master the Magic!"

The Internet Adept™

Since 1991 we have manifested hundreds of bewitching projects on the world wide web.

We know all the spells for design, programming, search engine and social media.

The Internet Adept™ assures expert web wizardry – and enchantingly affordable monthly plans for you!

Your web team “down the hall” in cyberspace!

Project Planning & Supervision

A genuine online pioneer, Dewey Davis-Thompson has been The Internet Adept™ since 1991 and has helped hundreds of people, companies and non-profits to plan and build the perfect online campaigns to meet their goals and their budgets. We intend to have a long relationship, so we work hard to always give the full details and then do exactly as you wish!

Web Site Programming & Design

With a team of writers, programmers and graphic artists Internet Adept  coordinates the crafting of beautifully customized, data-driven e-commerce websites as well as simple portfolios and amazing WordPress custom designs.

Training and Tech Support

Dewey  is an expert at WordPress, social media, blogging, search engine optimization, e-commerce, mass mailings, and online marketing techniques. You can learn to be adept at the internet too!  Call 727-821-0434 for immediate, cheerful assistance any time 8a-8p Mon-Sat!

Hosting, SEO & Everything Else!

Our mini-cloud and dedicated servers are backed up daily, so you can focus on your work, or your play. Whatever your goals online, we will keep an eye on things. We promise to make updates swiftly and can provide complete social media services including original content, cross-posting and email campaigns to let everyone know what you have to offer.